Discernment Counseling – Can it stop divorce?

Welcome to SplitOrNotCounseling.com. This website was developed as a means of educating couples about the benefits of discernment counseling and it’s place in the spectrum of Marriage and Couples Therapy. Every relationship has issues, but these issues don’t have to put your relationship to ‘the ultimate test’.

By far, the most common questions people have about Discernment Counseling is: “What is it?” and “Can it stop divorce?” We make every effort to identify the unique differences between Discernment Counseling and Marriage Therapy or Couples Counseling.

Dr Tony Fiore has been active in the mental health, marriage therapy and couples counseling fields for over 35 years. His approach to couples issues is unique and one that dovetails perfectly with the goals of discernment counseling. Whether he is dealing with the ‘leaning in‘ or ‘leaning out‘ partner, the ultimate goal is helping both partners understand potential their relationship has and clarify the impact they have on one another.

Ultimately, the goal is not to solve the marriage problems, but instead to see if the problems are solvable. Discernment Counseling by Dr Tony Fiore is that mechanism that will help you decide.

Dr Fiore Discernment Counseling